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Qualities and Values


The Qualities and Values curriculum contributes to the student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  It aims to  develop successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve:
confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives: and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society!

Through a learn to learn approach it expects to develop active learners who are able to make informed decisions as part of a positive community. 


Foundation Stage

KS3 Course Outline

Yr 7- Students will follow 10 units of work focussing on RS-christianity, values; Citizenship- diversity, explore, Model Un ; PSHEE- health-Becoming a teenager, numeracy, digital story telling.  All units will focus on the learn 2 Learn approach raising awareness of  learning styles, teamwork and presentation skills; research skills and debating: managing independent learning.

Yr 8 - Students will focus on RS and citizenship units-Identity, Cultural diversity-How are we British? Global issues-If i ruled the world and Does God exist.  All units will build on the L2L approach giving students opportunity to develop their Reflection, reasoning, resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness as learners.

KS3 Assessment Details

  • Yr 7- ILA - Christianity and  Warhorse project
  • Yr 8- ILA - Comparative study of religions
    - Multi cultural Britain project
    - ILA - Sikhism

How Will Students Learn?

Students will experiences a variety of learning styles group work, independent research, use of iCT, role play. Students (Yr 7/8)will focus on reflecting on their learning styles to develop confidence in independent learning.

Other Skills They Will Develop:

  • Group Work,
  • Debating Skills,
  • Literacy/Numeracy

KS3 Equipment Needed

Planner, pencil case...and a positive midset.

KS3 Homework

Independent learning assignments will require students to complete approx ½ hour per week to manage the research and develop the expected depth of knowledge.
Short tasks to supplement the class activities will generally be set each lessons.

Extra Opportunities

A QV action group yr 8/9 will allow interested students to develop their interest during the summer term.

KS3 Useful Publications/Websites

  • RS Today 1/2/3 - Heinemann
  • PSHE 1/2/3 - Hodder education
  • PSHE and Citizenship - Collins

KS3 How can you support your son/daughter’s progress?

Discussion of units of work to develop a wider perspective on topics helps to provide students with a starting point for many of their ideas.

Support with managing independent project work helps students manage their time.

Possible option routes

  • RS/Ethics/Philosophy GCSE
  • Critical Thinking AS level


Personalisation Stage

Ethics and Citizenship



All students will follow a course which covers the statutory requirements of citizenship and Religious Studies. It aims to challenge and equip students to lead constructive lives in the modern world, enhancing personal, social and cultural development.

Course content

Students will debate key current issues such as global warming, abortion and the justice system and consider these issues and their impact in relation to individuals, communities and societies: locally, nationally and globally. Students will reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in light of their learning.


Religious Studies



Religious Studies provides students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key religions that helped to shape the modern western world.   It gives students the opportunity to develop their own views on a range of ethical and philosophical issues from the existence of God to the justification for war.


What will I learn?

The course consists of three units:

  1. Religious Beliefs, Teachings and Practices - Christianity

This unit is graded through a 1 hour examination, worth 25% of the total course marks.

  1. Religious Beliefs, Teachings and Practices – Judaism

This unit is graded through a 1 hour examination, worth 25% of the total course marks.

  1. Religious Philosophy and Ethics in the modern world from a Christian perspective

This unit is graded through a two hour exam and is worth 50% of the total course marks.


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