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Head of House - Miss N Helps

    House Learning Manager - Mr J Caulfield

‘Neptune pupils always work well as a team and support each other at all times’

Year 7 Boy


As Neptune Leaders we pride ourselves on ensuring every pupil makes the most of their natural abilities and talents. We see our role as a guide, helping each pupil make the right decision both for them and the school as a whole. By gaining knowledge of each pupil individually it helps build a strong relationship that grows stronger with each passing year.

‘I like the competitive side of being in Neptune, its great competing against other houses particularly my friends,  it makes me get up for the challenges and competitions’ Year 8 Girl

Neptune has a strong core set of values built on those of the school. We like our pupil’s to look smart wearing full school uniform at all times, we want each pupil to take a lead on their academic progress by identifying their strengths and areas to develop, coming up with plans on how they can overcome any difficulties. We want our pupil’s to take responsibility for their behaviour when they get it wrong and put right any harm they have caused, and more importantly enjoy their time at school making the most of every opportunity that comes their way during their time at Chilton Trinity.

‘Neptune has friendly and supportive staff who acknowledge us when do well and encourages us to be the best that we can possibly be everyday’ Year 9 Girl

As a house Neptune has a strong tradition of competing well for the Croad trophy most notably winning in 2013. The house excels during Sports Day building on their strong emphasis of teamwork and collaboration to compete successfully in both the Junior and Senior Sports Day events.



‘Being on the Neptune Council has helped me focus on my school life and I have been given the responsibility to organise the younger year group’s teams for House events, this make me feel proud’ Year 10 Boy

Within Neptune pupil’s take up lead roles on the House council working hard to ensure the spirit of the house is maintained at all times. Here are some views from them.

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