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Teaching and Learning

Chilton Trinity Students follow the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3, building on their learning experiences from Key Stage 2 and preparing them for the next stage in their journey. Chilton is well equipped with 21st Century Technology and resources to ensure all students are challenged and supported to fulfil their potential in the first phase of their secondary education. We make special provision inside and outside of the classroom for those who are identified as gifted and talented as well as those who require additional support.


Cross-curricular learning opportunities are planned in order to facilitate learning in a more bespoke approach alongside more traditional subject based lessons. Great importance is placed on acquiring the skills required for learning which can be adapted to any situation and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in order to help them meet the daily curriculum requirements to be successful. These include, wearing the correct uniform and being organised with a planner and appropriate equipment for the classroom. This forms part of our ‘routines for learning’ policy which aims to help facilitate students making faster and more thorough progress. Each student is treated as an individual, with personal guidance and target setting provided by a variety of staff within school.


We aim to nurture Chilton Trinity students to think for themselves, to develop confidence and resilience as well as articulate and express opinions effectively. We are also fostering closer links with partner primary schools to ensure transition from Primary to Secondary is a manageable and enjoyable step for all students. There is an emphasis on personalised learning, with each student benefitting from personal guidance and target setting as part of the learning experience.


We challenge all students to have adopted the independent study skill set which we believe to be fundamental for KS4 progress by the end of Year 9. This again helps to encourage self-reflection and ability to work constructively with their teachers and to set themselves personal targets and challenges to foster success school and encourage lifelong learning.

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